Krysta Curtis adds joy to the world through design.

I’ve been blogging at for a little over a year and decided to take a look at the blog’s data.  I took the top 5 viewed posts (though I have 62 posts in all), and created a nifty pie chart to visualize their popularity.  Take a look!


#1 – Chefville – Zynga’s New Restaurant Game

This post about Chefville keeps getting viewed regularly to this day.   I guess it makes sense – it’s still a top grossing game with over 5 million players!

#2  – Shoot for the Moon:  How to Design a Game

I love that this is one of my top viewed posts.  It encompasses my philosophy on game design quiet well and I hope readers find it inspirational.

#3 – A Tribute to Emma

The post I wish I never had to write.  My dear friend who I lost too soon and to whom I dedicate this blog.

#4  – Mahjong Butterfly

The post-mortem of my favorite game project – such a smooth process!

#5  –  Fast Track to Innovation

This is actually my first blog post – it’s the step-by-step process I use to come up with new ideas.  Perhaps it’ll work for you too?

Thanks for reading!

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