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Grandma with Rick and Krysta

Mary (Babish) Sadowski

August 8th, 1920 – September 21st, 2013

My grandmother, Mary Sadowski passed away last week at the age of 93.  My grandmother meant so much to my brother and I in the 30+ years that we knew her, and will continue to be an important part of our lives.  My grandmother was laid to rest in the same family plot that my grandfather and father are buried on Saturday, September 28th.  I created a memory board with memories of Grandma to display at the funeral:


Below is the eulogy that my brother wrote and read at the funeral.  I’m very proud of my brother for doing such a wonderful job with it:

Good evening.  For those of you who may not know me, my name is Rick Sadowski, and Mary is my grandmother.  To some of you Mary was a sister, a mother-in-law, or a friend.  To me and my sister Krysta, she was simply “Grandma Sadowski.”

ShoreHouse Mary lived in Summit for 60 years.  She spent summers in Bayville, NJ, reading books and taking boat rides, and on occasion taking in some people-watching at Seaside Heights boardwalk.  She loved to garden, and each summer she had an impressive harvest.

Krysta and I were fortunate to grow up close to Grandma Sadowski.  We lived next door for many years, and in the same house for many more.  This meant there was never a question over who would watch after us if our parents were away or at work.  It meant that Krysta and I always had access to a seemingly endless supply of fruit rollups and peanut butter cups.  And grandma was always there to make us a grilled cheese sandwich when we would come home for lunch from summer camp at the park.

Living with grandma also meant that Krysta and I never were fortunate enough to oversleep on a school day.  There is no alarm that could rival an 80 year old woman after her morning coffee, pounding on our bedroom doors yelling “time to get up!”

Grandma was never shy about giving her opinion whether you asked for it or not.  And even in her 90’s she was still sharp with her well-intentioned remarks.  On one of my last visits with her, she made sure to remind me how she felt about this “fuzz” on my face.

Grandma and Krysta

Grandma was always there for my sister and me and it was clear that she cared about us greatly.  Grandma made sure Krysta and I had the resources to go to college, keeping a promise our grandfather had made to us many years before.  I know she was proud of what we have been able to accomplish.  I can clearly remember how grandma’s eyes lit up when Krysta brought out her Ipad to show off her latest project.

Grandma was tough and self-sufficient till the end.  Even after two hip replacements you were more likely to find her out pulling weeds in the garden than in front of the TV.  As she eventually began to need a little help, it was clear how grateful she was. She appreciated my mom and Alan for looking out for her, and bringing her the things she needed.  She always mentioned fondly visits she had from her brother Steve and others.

Just as Grandma was thankful for your support then, my family and I are thankful for all the support we have received from those of you here tonight.  When a work friend of mine heard the news about Grandma he was impressed that she lived to be 93.  He said “at least you know you have good genes.”  Remembering grandma, and looking around the room tonight, I know that to be true.  Krysta and I are both luck to have had Mary as our Grandma Sadowski, and for all the memories she has left us with.

Sadowski Family

I’d also like to express gratitude to my Mother who graciously stepped in to care for my grandmother, her Mother-In-Law.  My father passed away 12 years ago this October, 2nd and was my grandmother’s only child.  The care that my mother provided in my father’s absence made it possible for me to pursue my dreams in California.

What the caterpillar perceives is the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning.

Grandma with Lucky

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  1. John Fulton said:

    What a wonderful tribute!

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