Krysta Curtis adds joy to the world through design.

In an effort to increase the creativity in my everyday life, I’ve started brainstorming simple ideas on how to improve everyday interactions.  This is the first post in a new blog mini-series called, Things I Want That Don’t Exist.

One of the first ideas I’ve come up with is Ready Shop, a smart grocery shopping bag that streamlines the purchasing process.  Perfect for the urban shopper who only buys a few things each visit, the system would enable shoppers to purchase groceries and get on with their day faster than any existing technology.

UntitledThe idea centers around a reusable shopping bag featuring an electronic item scanner.  In my mockup above, I incorporated a RFID sensor located around the rim of the bag.  The sensor would detect the item placed in the bag and deduct the appropriate amount from the shopper’s account.  As the shopper leaves the store, the purchases are finalized.  No need to wait in the checkout line or empty contents onto a conveyor!  Now wouldn’t that be nice?


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