Krysta Curtis adds joy to the world through design.

One of the activities we do as UX Designers at Tradecraft is the ’20-Minute Whiteboard Challenge.’  It’s a great way to show others your design process and is commonly used during job interviews.  Today I paired off with fellow Tradecrafter, Veronica Martini who posed an awesome design challenge:

Facebook is adding a new feature that enables people to create profile pages for their pets.  Design a way to add other people’s pets as friends.

Take a look at what my whiteboard looked like after 20-minutes:

photo (6)


There were four steps to my process:

  • Persona – To understand who I’m designing the feature for.
  • Design Stories – To brainstorm some of the tasks that my user might want to do.
  • Task Flows – To think through the user’s process towards completing their task.
  • Wireframes – To visualize how the feature might actually work on a screen.

Veronica requested I design the feature for a mobile device.  This opened up an awesome opportunity – to add doggy friends using a ‘nearby’ functionality.  My wireframes explore the scenario of ‘Jenny’ bringing her dog, Bonsai to a dog park.  At the park, Bonsai hits it off with a little chihuahua named Robbie.  Jenny adds Robbie to Bonsai’s Facebook page so she can arrange to meet up with Robbie at another time.


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