Krysta Curtis adds joy to the world through design.

100 Sketches in 3 Days

To inspire us to observe our environment in new ways, my UX instructor Kate Rutter at Tradecraft challenged my cohort to create 100 sketches in 3 days.  That’s a lot of sketches!  Shooting to spend 5 minutes per sketch, this meant I devoted a solid 8 hours to sketching.  I’ve selected my ten favorite sketches to share with you!

This is what this sketching assignment looked like from my perspective:


I found myself spending a lot of my time drawing people – it’s so fascinating to watch how they interact with the world around them.




With my love of play, I couldn’t pass up a sketch at the nearby playground:


Not too long into the assignment I noticed how I started to observe my environment in ways I never really did before.  How often do you look up at the ceiling?


Sometime’s it’s helpful to sketch out spaces, for example when designing the layout for your furniture.  This is a sketch of the floor plan of the ‘UX Cave.’  It’s our tiny little basement room with tons of sticky-notes on the walls!


I also created a few sketches of small objects close up, this plastic cup is my favorite:


Then I made sure to capture things that weren’t so up close and to capture some movement, like in the helicopter’s propellors:


And no, this is not a lightbulb 🙂


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