Krysta Curtis adds joy to the world through design.

About Krysta

IMG_7031My goal in life is to bring joy to the lives of as many people as possible.

I’m currently as Sr. Product Manager at Swivl.  Previously, I held multiple positions within the games industry including Director of Product at Rocket Games, Lead Product Manager at TinyCo, Game Designer at Namco and Cofounder of Plixl.  I began my career as a Toy Inventor at IDEO.  I’m proud to be one of select group of people with the unique BFA degree in Toy Design from Fashion Institute of Technology.  I’ve also earned a degree in Electrical Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, completed a certificate program in Project Management from California State University – East Bay and completed a bootcamp program for UX Design at Tradecraft.




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This blog is dedicated to Emma Fulton, miss you always!

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  1. So glad I found you (through HBR)! I will find ways to stay connected. On the side, my brother has been a prof at RIT for a long time. Teaches philosophy. Admire your background.

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